Argasoft BW / BWR

- Self-emulsifying, easy to dilute

- Superb softness for cellulose fibers

- Lower yellowing than amino-silicone softener

- Resistant to high shearing

- Durable softness for washing

- APEO free, environment friendly

- Argasoft BW is more hydrophilic, while Argasoft BWR is softer.


   Appearance: Yellowish transparent viscous liquid

   Main component: Terpolymer of dimethylsiloxane- amino-polyalkyleneoxide

   Ionicity: Weakly cationic

   Solubility: Soluble in cold water

   Dilution: 1 portion to 9 portion of water

   Dosage: 2.0~8.0% o.w.f. diluted solution (exhaust)

                20~80g/L diluted solution (padding)