Argasoft STC / STS / STR

- Stable to high shearing, avoids oil floating or emulsion breaking problem

- Good penetration makes fiber more soft and smooth

- Easy to use, ideal substitute to cationic flake softener with much less yellowing problem

- APEO free, environment friendly

- STC is more hydrophilic, STS is more stable to alkali (recommended for exhaustion), STR is no foaming (recommended for padding)


   Appearance: Yellowish transparent liquid

   Main component: Silicone polymer

   Ionicity: Weakly cationic

   pH: 4.0~6.0 (1%)

   Solubility: Soluble in cold water

   Dilution: 1 portion to 9 portion of water

   Dosage: 8.0~12.0% o.w.f. working solution (exhaust)

                80~120g/L working solution (padding)