Our success relies on the excellent management operation, spirit of innovation, correct attitude towards the ecological environment, and undertaking of the social responsibility. Apart from becoming a reliable partner of customers, we shall rely on our expertise and experience to serve as the powerful supporter to upstream brands of garment fabric. Here, we sincerely invite those who care for Argus to “join hands for shared success”.


With the more fierce market competition, Argus will face it with positive attitudes, adhere to the roadmap of “internationalization and technicalization” with the market as the guide, the technology as the support, the talents as the foundation and the management as the basis, keep expanding the strength of the enterprise, form the scale effect, achieve sustained and stable development, and struggle to become the strongest brand in the domain of textile chemicals in China!

Develop products and crafts of environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction

Develop the dyes and auxiliaries that can realize multi-component fiber blended dye and improve the production process

Develop products and production processes that can further improve the wear ability of the textiles to better meet the demands of customers

Argus will pay close attention to the trends of new products and new technologies in the world dyeing industry and provide you with the most suitable products of the most advanced technology and technical services. By continual progress, we will be your--

Partner in the dyeing industry and professional adviser of the technical support

It is endless for the development and exploration of the science and technology. The utilization of the cutting-edge technologies and research & development of new products shall be accomplished by us together with you. So, we are sincerely inviting you to explore this vast land and share the splendid world created by us!